9 Forms of Devotion…

Baba remembered Laxmi Ma, few moments before attaining Mahasamadhi & he put his hand in his pocket and gave her 9 coins as prasad in appreciation of her devotion towards him.
The (9) coins signify the Nava – Vidha Bhakti (9 forms of devotion)
1. Shravanam (Listening to Lord’s stories)
2. Kirtanam (Singing the glories of the lord)
3. Smarnam (Rememberance )
4. Pada Sevanam (resorting to the lotus feet )
5. Archanam (Worship of the lord)
6. Vandanam (Salutations of the Lord)
7. Dasyam (Service)
8. Sakhyam (friendship)
9. Atma Nivedanam (Complete surrender of the self)

To purify oneself from within and to attain stability and peace of mind one can practice any one or all these forms of devotion, what matters the most is our innermost feeling of intense love for baba & each step will take us closer to him.

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