Devotees experience with Baba… I am always with you

Uddhavesh alias Shyamdas ; had gone to Dwarkamai. Baba at that time was sitting still as if in meditation. Just then, one of the devotees went up for Darshan and baba flew into
a towering rage, but when uddhavesh came, prostrated and asked baba’s permission to leave; baba cooled and spoke tenderly to him as if nothing happened, he sat a while and baba said “ Shyamdas, Are you going ? When will you come again? He replied that he would return quickly and taking Udi, he left. He had not even reached the gate of Sabha Mandap when baba called to him. You need not come again and again to Shirdi. I am always with you wherever you may Be, okay, I am always with you now and forever. “ Well, go.”
(Ref Sai Leela magazine 1926)

This holds true as of today, we all are in his living presence. In Shirdi & everywhere……..

||Aum Sai Para Brahmana Namah||

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