Divine Nectar from Shri Sai Satcharita…

The Satcharita verses are not just words, we need to read & reread them again & again till we grasp their essence. These are hidden gems of precious knowledge which can only be heard or read by the
grace of a Guru, it is lifetimes of Tapa that we get an opportunity to read baba’s Nectar – like words.
Let’s savor every drop of this spiritual wisdom .

“He who loves me most, always sees me. The world is desolate to him without me, he who tells no stories but mine, he ceaselessly meditates upon me and always chants my name, I feel indebted to him who surrenders himself completely to me, and ever remembers me. I shall repay his debt by giving him salvation (self- realization ). I am dependent on him, who thinks and hungers after me and who does not eat anything, without first offering it to me. He who thus comes to me, becomes one with me, just as a river gets to the sea and becomes merged (one) with it. So leaving out pride & egoism and with no trace of them, you should surrender yourself to me, who is seated in your heart.”

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