Naam Jaap ….

“ Baba teaches the importance of NAAM JAAP, that is continuous chanting of Baba’s name….
for when we chant his holy name, we are in direct contact with him.
Chanting his sweet & short name ‘SAI’ is so easy, involves no complicated mantras or yogic practices to be followed, can be done by anyone & anywhere (even while doing our daily chores).
By practicing this simple Sadhana, the ego will start loosening it’s grip, our love & devotion for baba will be greatly enhanced.“
One can pick any mantra that touches ones heart and start chanting either with prayer beads or written on paper.
The count & time for it can be as one feels comfortable or as one’s personal schedule allows.
Few mantras that can be chosen to remember baba…
||Om Sai Ram ||
||Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai ||
||Om Sai Nathaya Namah ||
||Om Sai Sharnam ||
||Om Sai ||
||Sai Ram ||
||Ram Krishna Sai ||
Keep praying, keep chanting….

Bow to Shri Sai, Peace be to all.

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