Shri Sai Satcharita…. A precious gift from Baba which is beyond our imagination …..

My beautiful experience…. of reading the Shri Sai Satcharita !

Years back when this book was given to me to read, little did I know, what I Held in my hand was not merely a book but Sai Blessings & mercy pouring in my life. Initially for many months, I read it very casually as I was curious to know more about baba. I didn’t understand much of it, many words and deep concepts didn’t make any sense. I would read one page daily or a portion from the book.
Much later, after reading it again & again (mostly in the form of weekly parayan) did I realize that my interest had started increasing and the stories became very soothing and comforting for a restless mind troubled with life’s day to day affairs.
Every time I read, words gave a different meaning, powerful spiritual knowledge was explained through simple stories I could relate to.
Somewhere, unknowingly it was also strengthening my bond with Baba. I completely unaware of it… 🙂
Though I have read the book again and again still every time I read, it felt I am reading it for the first time. Nothing seemed repetitive, there is always a feeling of freshness and newness in the stories, the Leela, the parables….
I started understanding that Through this book baba keeps reminding us that if we have full faith in him and turn to him when challenges come in our life, he is always there to help us.
Thank you, Baba, for giving us this precious jewel and may everyone reading this book feel your grace and love flowing through it in their lives….

(Contributed By Sai Sister Rashmi)

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