Naam Saptah of Shri Sai Satcharita (Naam in Hindi means name and Saptah means week), that is to complete the reading of the book in 7 days at a stretch – a very easy, very doable and effortless endeavor. One needs to invokes baba’s grace to carry through this 7 – day resolution and the reading itself will become an opportunity to be sitting at his holy feet and feeling his presence.

Few suggestions for the 7 – Day Paraayan
On the first Day, ask for baba’s blessings to be able to read with devotion and pray to him to carry through the 7 day reading smoothly to its fruitful completion. Mentally invoke baba’s grace, and do a Sankalpa, in the name of Sai mentioning the purpose/fulfillment to be completed at the end of Satcaharita Naam Saptah.
• 7 – 8 Chapters can be read in a day so 51 Chapters can be easily completed in 7 days.
• Reading can be done at various times throughout the day.
• One can start the reading on any Thursday and complete it by (next week) Wednesday evening.
• Lighting a Diya before baba’s image while reading gives very positive vibrations.
• After completion, one can offer Bhoga ( special food offering ) of one’s choice and do AARTI.
• If time is a constraint, Online version of the book can also be read.

One needs to keep alive the two pillars of Baba’s Devotion Shraddha & Saburi all through these 7 days and forever after !
May baba’s grace be with us always….


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