Beautiful lines for our dear baba…

In the Sai Satcharita, Hemadpant says “Mr Sathe got what he wanted in one reading of Satcharita; my seven years have gone nothing.” But then baba gives him answer that sometimes it takes a long wait but he knows what is best for us and when. What to give us, when to give !! So the true essence of Saburi is to leave everything to him and just trust him completely.

Some beautiful lines for our dear baba, I read in a book today and touched me so deeply !! I am sure all of us would feel the same 😊

Whenever I close my eyes and wish, your answer make sure my faith..
Whenever I call you with an honest prayer, what may my baba, you are always there..
Whenever I am in trouble and I need you so, you never leave me alone nor away you go..
Whenever my heart looks for you earnestly, you come and stand by me most certainly..
Whenever whatever I have ever wished, you will always fulfill that’s for sure…

Om Sai Sharnam 💕

(contributed by Sai Sister Deepti)

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