Inspiration to write, talk & share about Shirdi Sai Baba…..

My personal experience ……

Few people always ask this question that what inspires me to write, talk & share about Sai baba of Shirdi.

So thought of penning down how & why baba became an inseparable part of me and my family.

First of all, I have no qualification to write anything about the Supreme Lord, I dare not even try it. It is baba & only baba, who himself chooses his people and gets the work done. To be more precise, his wish is my command.
Whatever I share on the group or write in Family Shirdi Sai blog are his words and I am only an instrument. Sometimes I even wonder, from where those words or pictures come. Exactly when I need them the most.

Few years back, I didn’t even know who Sai Baba of Shirdi was & today I am volunteering for many many Sai Seva’s being held globally as a tribute to Sai Samarth for completing his 100 year mahasamadhi. ( October 1918 – October 2018). I will always be grateful to baba for giving me this opportunity to serve his children.

There must have been something very deep that I experienced & yes !! there is, which I want to share……. the
A Beginning of my spiritual journey ….. 
A subtle transformation of my inner “SELF”.
Reading just one book with faith Shri Sai Satcharita was enough to bring about this change. And that’s what I want to share today, that please in a lifetime, everyone must sincerely read this one book, & it’s sufficient for the individuals spiritual journey to unfold.
Just by reading or listening to his stories or Leelas, one is allowing Sai Baba to uplift ones core self & that too in such a subtle way, one can never ever imagine.
Gradually, all the lower qualities like anger, jealousy, envy, greed, pride, negative thinking, will start to loosen their grip. One will be more loving, compassionate & caring towards everything & be in a state of gratitude; the mind will be calm. It will start experiencing more and more inner peace.

So, Please take out few moments everyday, as & when personal schedule allows : try to read few lines, a paragraph, a page, a chapter of Shri Sai Satcharita and see the Sai Magic working.
If you believe in him, then surrender at his holy feet and chant his name whenever possible and experience his presence more & more in your lives.

Baba please give me the strength that I always keep serving at your lotus feet.



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