Sitting At the Sacred Lotus Feet of Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj !!’’


“Jodoniya kar charani thevila matha|
Parisavee vinanatee maze Sadguru Natha||
Aso naso bhav alo tuziya thaya |
Krupa Drushtee pahe majkade Sadgururaya||
Akhandit asavese vatate payee|
Sahooni sankoch thav thodasa dei||
Tuka mhane amhee tuzee vedee vakudee|
Name bhav sagar hate apulya todee……..

[ I bow to you by keeping my head on your feet ,with my folded hands
O My Spiritual Master Sainath Maharaj !! Please listen to my humble
request. Whether I have feelings or no feelings! And yet , I have come to
you for your shelter. I surrender myself to your feet. Please look at me with your favorable and kind glance. I constantly feel like sitting close to your feet! Please give me a little space close at your feet. Sant Tukaram says,’’
We are your very simple and crooked children. But we will cross this
worldly ocean at your hands with your auspicious name!!]

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