Devotees Experiences

Devotees Experiences………
Once when Mrs. M.W.Pradhan was on her way to Dwarkamayee, she thought, Baba gets angry for no reason. And one never knows who would be at the receiving end.
That day baba did not scold anyone. In the evening when Mrs. Pradhan went to Baba’s Darshan, Baba said to her, “Did you notice that I didn’t get angry today. I do not scold anyone without reason, I am not angry with my children. By admonishing them, I remove their faults, drawbacks and sins.”

Devotees Experiences ……….

Kaka Mahajani states: “Radha Krishna Mai would wash and white wash the entire Masjid prior to the festival of Ram Navami. Hence, she had to take out all the articles in the Dwarka Mai including the Dhuni and keep it in the sabhamandap. After completing the chores, she would place them back as they were before.” Her legacy is carried out by the Sansthan even today. Prior to the three major festivals in Shirdi all the sanctified sites are thoroughly washed, and a fresh coat of paint is applied.
Thus, it is evident that Mai did all this with Baba’s consent. No devotee would have dared to move the Dhuni that Baba had ignited. This speaks volumes about the deep, unfathomable ties that Baba and Mai had, not only in this life but over numerous lives. Mai through her unconditional love, devotion and spiritual practices had become saintly. All this was bestowed on her by Baba as he was fully aware of penance that she had performed in innumerable life times to attain her SADGURU.

Devotees Experiences ……..

Parvatibai Sapatnekar, wife of Madhav Saptanekar, whose mention is in Chapter 48 of SAI SATCHARITA narrates some unusual information about the Chavadi Procession. She recalls, “Baba never sat in the palanquin. If devotees lifted him and put him inside, he disappeared and was seen walking at the back of the palanquin. Baba often broke into a dance with great agility – he put one foot forward, then the other foot and danced in abandon. He rhythmically moved to the clash of cymbals, his lithe body swaying like a reed.
It was a sight lord Indra would have envied. Baba’s face shone with a brilliant glow like Lord Panduranga.”

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