A journey through a day with Sai Baba …

Just a single day spent in Baba’s benevolent company was sufficient to show his Bhakts not only his innate simplicity but also the structured and disciplined life he had chosen to lead.

No one, no matter how important, could make him deviate from his routine.

Sai Baba’s day began before the crack of dawn.

🍁5 am : quiet time for meditation seated by Dhuni Maa each day irrespective of the weather or season.

🍁8 am : Baba went for his begging rounds for food, he called on a select few houses and took no more food than required.

🍁8.30 am – 9.30 am : First sitting of Bhaktas to meet Baba happened.

🍁10.30 am – 11.30 am : Second sitting with the devotees.

After the morning session baba would go to Lendi stream with Shri Abdul and spent an hour there. After that he returned to the Masjid where he stayed till the noon aarti and congregational worship commenced.
After this it was time for afternoon meal.

🍁1.00 -2.30 pm Baba spent time in seclusion from all

🍁after 2.30 pm baba would go to Lendi Garden – this time all by himself as it was his personal quiet time. Then he return around 4.00 pm.

🍁5 pm -6.30 pm: time for third and the final sitting of the day with the Bhaktas followed by evening aarti.

🍁8.30 pm : Tatya would get dinner for Baba and after that baba would bless one and all and send them home. If he stayed in Dwarkamayee, Mahalsapati would remain with Baba or he would go to Chavadi in a procession on alternate nights.

To know about a day in Baba’s life is akin to standing in the radiance of his divine light that will illuminate our spiritual path.

Jai Baba

(Excerpts from the books Everyone’s Sai and Rabda )

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