Leela 17: Yellow Pitambar for his Samadhi

Two days after Baba took mahasamadhi ( left his mortal body), he gave a dream vision to Moreshwar Pradhan’s sister-in-law at their home in Santa Cruz.
“ In your trunk you have a yellow pitambar ( a shawl usually 2.5 meters long), sent this pitambar to Shirdi so that my samadhi ( here samadhi is Babs’s tomb) can be covered with it.” Indeed she did have a pitambar in her trunk. She had brought it long time ago and had forgotten about it. Early next morning she told Pradhan about her dream. They went immediately to the trunk and sent the pitambar to Shirdi. Upon receiving it, the samadhi was covered with it. And it was used for a long time.

Ref; Sai leela Aashad Shake 1845, ank 5

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